South Dakota - The Mount Rushmore
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The regions in South Dakota are as diverse as they are beautiful - From the rolling prairies and glittering lakes to the Badlands and Black Hills, each landscape captures some aspect that is at once wonderful, unique and completely South Dakotan

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interactive map of south dakota Interactive Map of North Dakota Interactive Map of Minnesota Interactive Map of Iowa Interactive Map of Nebraska Interactive Map of Wyoming Interactive Map of Montana Interactive Map of North Dakota Interactive Map of Minnesota Interactive Map of Iowa Interactive Map of Wyoming Corn Palace - Mitchell, South Dakota Badlands National Park - Wall, South Dakota Mount Rushmore - Keystone, South Dakota Crazy Horse Memorial - Custer, South Dakota Video Clip - Driving I90 - South Dakota Video Clip - Driving I90 - South Dakota Video Clip - Driving Black Hills - South Dakota Video Clip - Driving Black Hills - South Dakota Hotel Accomodation - Watertown, South Dakota Hotel Accomodation - Brookings, South Dakota Hotel Accomodation - Sioux Falls, South Dakota Hotel Accomodation - Sioux City, Iowa Hotel Accomodation - Mitchell, South Dakota Hotel Accomodation - Pierre, South Dakota Hotel Accomodation - Wall, South Dakota Hotel Accomodation - Rapid City, South Dakota Hotel Accomodation - Keystone, South Dakota Hotel Accomodation - Custer, South Dakota
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South Dakota: The drive along Interstate 90 has many attractions, ranging from the corn palace in Mitchell to Mount Rushmore. The Crazy Horse Memorial is well worth a visit, as the size is enormous and it continues to be a work in progress. A great state to visit with unexpected interesting stops along the way such as the Corn Palace & WALL Drugstore. Mount Rushmore though will always be displayed in your mind as the grounds seem so peaceful and the carved statues of former presidents seem to looking over America. Visit the South Dakota Badlands if you have the chance. The road thru the badlands provides many opportunities to stop, take short walks, and view the scenic badlands that are quite different from the norm.
As in many of the States we have drive video clips, here quite different from each other, one being thru the scenic Black Hills and the other on I90 where the corn fields stand out.

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South Dakota State Road Map

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Picture Gallery for South Dakota
Picture Gallery for South Dakota

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