Georgia - The Peach State
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In 1829, gold was discovered in the north Georgia mountains, resulting in the Georgia Gold Rush leading to the establishment of a federal mint in Dahlonega that continued operation until 1861. The influx of white settlers put pressure on the government to take land from the Cherokee Nation. In 1830, the Indian Removal Act was signed into law. This resulting in sending all eastern native tribes to reservations in present-day Oklahoma.
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Georgia: One of our favorite states and has been visited often. After our snow-birding in Florida for the winter, the annual trek back has a designated stop in Savannah to taste some of their shrimp plates in the historic area. Taking the trolley there was really a good decision.
Georgia has other interests also that we enjoy, like watching baseball in Atlanta, and that rare opportunity to attend the Masters in Augusta, will always remain as a personal highlight of places visited.
The drive on Interstate 95 thru the State is not that long, but it gives a good perspective of most of the states geography.

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Marietta where homes had been built by early settlers near the Cherokee town of Big Shanty , or
Atlanta which is considered to be a top business city and is a primary transportation hub of the S-E US, or
Macon has several institutions of higher education, as well as numerous museums and tourism sites, or
Perry is perhaps best known as the location of the annual Georgia National Fair, or
Cordele which is also known as The Watermelon Capital of the World, or
Valdosta that is called the Azalea City as the plant grows in profusion there, or
Savannah that attracts millions of visitors, who enjoy the city's architecture and historic buildings, or
Darien that lies on Georgia's coast at the mouth of the Altamaha River about 50 miles south of Savannah, or
Brunswick where the city traces its roots to its 1738 settlement as a tobacco plantation , or
Augusta where internationally it is best known for hosting The Masters Tournament each spring, a, or
Amelia Island, Florida that is known as the "Isle of Eight Flags".

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Georgia State Road Map

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Picture Gallery for Georgia

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