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Colorado is the highest state in America. Denver rests at 5,280 feet, and many mountain towns sit above 9,000 feet. At these lofty heights, the sun is stronger and the air thinner, but the adventure is that much more exciting.

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Colorado Skiing Pike`s Peak Rocky Mountain National Park Royal Gorge Bridge Garden of the Gods Coors Brewery Tour Colorado Snow in the Mountains Colorado National Monument Four Corner`s  North-West New Mexico Driving from I25 to Rocky Mountain National Park Driving from I25 to Rocky Mountain National Park Driving from Rocky Mountain National Park to I70 Driving from Rocky Mountain National Park to I70 Driving from Rocky Mountain National Park to I70 Driving Interstate 70 from Denver to Utah Border Driving Interstate 70 from Denver to Utah Border Driving from Utah Border to Royal Gorge Driving from Utah Border to Royal Gorge Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies Rio Grande Reservoir Grand Junction, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Montrose, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Durango, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Estes Park, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Vail, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Canon City, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Alamosa, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Loveland, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Boulder, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Denver, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Colorado Springs, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Pueblo, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Trinidad, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation Burlington, Colorado - Motel Hotel Accomodation
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Clorado has many natural areas to see and for those that like winter activities it is famous for skiing. Our visits here are some of my favorites, as the mountains seem to leave a feeling of true untouched beauty. Perhaps it is when one is on the top of a mountain and you can literally see for miles upon miles, you have a better perspective on how large a country this really is.

Colorado has the Rockies, and visiting the
Rocky Mountain National Park where you are actually able to take the road over the Rockies.
The trip up and down Pike`s Peak on the Cog railway can leave one breathless.
The Royal Gorge bridge where you can spend several hours viewing the sites and activities in the area.
The Garden of the Gods near Pikes Peak allows one to rest while viewing exquisite rock gardens.
The Colorado National Monument close to Grand Junction also has a scenic 21 mile pathway on the bluff`s edge.

Scenic drives
Drives thru Colorado are always quite scenic, however the drive from Rocky Mountain Park back to Interstate 70 impressed me the most as the traffic was less and stopping to view the sites was much easier.
The drive from the Utah/Colorado border over to Colorado Springs is also quite scenic.
The drive from the Denver to the Utah border on I70 actually does go through one of the Rocky mountains.
A short drive from Loveland to Estes Park provides a good entry to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

In an effort so see everything, the Four Corners is a place to meet all native tribes.
On our first trip to see the Colorado Rockies baseball team, it was quite amazing to sit in the stadium and then view westward to see the mountains with their snow-capped peaks, while we were basking in spring type 70`s weather,
While in the Denver area visit the Coors Brewery for a tasting.
Beautiful scenery in all parts of Colorado, even the winter scenes are majestic.

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Picture Gallery for Colorado

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