Nebraska - The Cornhusker State
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People who come to Nebraska are often amazed by what they find. They arrive with expectations as varied and as vast as the weather, and they leave having learned that Nebraska itself is just as unpredictable. Whatever your interests and wherever your travels may take you in this great state, you'll discover that the possibilities truly are endless.

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Oklahoma: A major producer of natural gas, oil and agriculture, Oklahoma relies on an economic base of aviation, energy, telecommunications, and biotechnology.
With small mountain ranges, prairie, and eastern forests, most of Oklahoma lies in the Great Plains and the U.S. Interior Highlands—a region especially prone to severe weather.

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Omaha identified as the nation's number one "Best Bang-For-The Buck City", OR
Grand Island where Henry Fonda, Academy Award–winning film actor was raised, OR
North Platte at the confluence of the North and South Platte Rivers, OR
Valentine that re-mails thousands of letters with a special Valentine`s Day postmark and verse, OR
Norfolk whose original name of the colony was a variant of `North Fork`.

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Alliance, Chadron, Grand Island, Kearney, Kimball, Lincoln, Norfolk, North Platte, Ogallala, Omaha, O`Neill, Sidney, Valentine & even Sioux City, Iowa.
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Nebraska State Road Map

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