Michigan - The Great Lake State
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Frankenmuth, Mackinac Island, Sault Ste. Marie Locks, Detroit Tigers, Isle Royale, & the drive across the Canadian Border to another Country.

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Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers Houghton, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Marquette, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Sault Ste Marie, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Escanaba, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation St Ignace, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Traverse City, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Gaylord, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Muskegon, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Frankenmuth, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Grand Rapids, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Flint, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Sarnia, Ontario - Motel Hotel Accomodation Lansing, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Detroit, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation St Joseph, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Kalamazoo, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Ann Arbor, Michigan - Motel Hotel Accomodation Windsor, Ontario - Motel Hotel Accomodation Toledo, Ohio - Motel Hotel Accomodation
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Michigan. Great summer golfing and a true sports town in Detroit. Automobiles and Detroit are synomonous as all three US Manufacturers have head offices and plants.
Nature, however takes over as you travel to the northern sections and the fabulous scenery and town at
Mackinac Island is an item not to be missed. Frankenmuth displays it`s German heritage and the XMAS store here is one of the worlds largest. The upper Peninsula has an area that is quite expansive and the southern shore of Lake Superior has many scenic locations, with even a ferry ride to Isle Royale from Houghton.
Driving from Sault Ste Marie to Detroit on Interstate 75 has a changing landscape and the Macinack Bridge crossing is one of the worlds largest.

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St. Ignace where the natural waterway joining Lakes Michigan and Huron at the Straits of Mackinac generated extensive water traffic, and prompted the establishment of an outpost during the period of French occupation, or
Mackinac Island where because no automobiles are allowed on the island, you’ll feel like you’ve been swept back in time. Once here, you’ll be able to walk, rent a bike or travel by horse-drawn carriage to resorts, restaurants and other places around the island, or
Frankenmuth that has the World`s Largest Christmas Store and hosts German and Bavarian Festivals, a traditional Oktoberfest, World Expo of Beer, Auto Fest, Big Country Fest and more, or
Detroit which is located on the Detroit river connecting the Great Lakes of Huron and Erie. Detroit's auto industry was an important element of the American "Arsenal of Democracy" supporting the Allied powers during World War II. It is also an important source of popular music legacies celebrated by the city's two familiar nicknames, the Motor City and Motown.

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Michigan State Road Map

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