Pennsylvania - The Keystone State
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Before the Commonwealth was settled by Europeans, the area was home to the Delaware (also known as Lenni Lenape), Susquehannock, Iroquois, Eriez, Shawnee, and other American Indian Nations. Both the Dutch and the English claimed both sides of the Delaware River as part of their colonial lands in America. The Dutch were the first to take possession, which has impact on the history of Pennsylvania..

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Pennsylvania: A State that is home to many mountains, and major industries such as coal and steel. Much history in this state including the Liberty Bell, yet to many a symbol of the honest, hard working class in North America. Throughout the State driving is a pleasure, be it in the back roads getting to the Ghost Town Bicycle trail or travelling north of Pittsburgh on Interstate 79 or further south in the foothills using Interstate 79 . One of my personal favorites is driving Hwy 15 that bisects the length of Pennsylvania. This one is especially scenic.
From one side of the State to the other, our baseball interests have taken us to see both the Pirates and the Phillies . Even Williamsport, home of the Little League World Series of Baseball is located in Pennsylvania.
Internet Links attempt to provide you with links to area highlights in Erie Named for the lake and the Native American tribe that resided along its southern shore or Meadville It was the first permanent settlement in northwest Pennsylvania or Cranberry Township Serving as the intersection of Interstate 76 (the Pennsylvania Turnpike) and 79 and Routes 19 and 228, or Pittsburgh Carved by the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, which form the Ohio River or Washington Settled by many immigrants from Scotland and the north of Ireland along with settlers from eastern and central parts of colonial Virginia or Scranton / Wilkes-Barre Is the geographic and cultural center of the Lackawanna River valleyor Allentown Is a two-time winner of the All-America City Award or Philadelphia Home of the Liberty Bell & host to many of the ideas and actions that gave birth to the American Revolution and independence.
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