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Have you been to Panama City, Panama or toured the Bahamas Out Islands.
What about the San Francisco area, or Pikes Peak in Colorado.
Maybe even Niagara Falls or the Sunshine State of Florida or Lake Superior, in Onario, Canada.
Well we have, and much, much more.

Look around, Find your beach OR SEE WHAT YOU MAY HAVE MISSED .
Just enjoy our many video clips and visit sites thru North America (U.S. & Canada), Panama, Mexico and the Bahamas Out Islands.

Summer Break, 2016 Lake Superior
Who Knows, You may just like this PLACE

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Mexico - Sierra Madres

Lake Superior - Eastern Shore

Florida - Space Launch

Bahamas - Eleuthra - Pink Sand Beach

Country of Panama - Santa Clara

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Work was good. Retirement is great. Having a hobby and a friend to share it with is even better!
We have put together this travel web site to share trips taken chasing our dream of attending a home game for each Major League baseball team, as well as our personal travels especially during our retirement.
We intend the site mainly for those that want a personalized view of possible destinations prior to making travel plans, but hope that others who may just be curious about our great continent will also enjoy our maps, pictures, video clips and thoughts.
P.S. It is also meant to share many of our memories with friends we met along the way
and even those that were left behind.

This is a "word of mouth" site, so please tell your friends about it if you find it interesting, as we really do not know if others would consider it of value to them or not. Remember that these are only fun sites ( especially our Baseball
section where we highlight visits to all major league baseball parks ).

We just hope that this site provides you with more than you had, before you got here.

Enjoy Your Travels, WE HAVE!!

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Many retirement winters have been spent in Florida at such friendly places as
Key West, Fort Lauderdale, & St. Petersburg Area

Close up reviews for Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, Dunedin, Safety Harbor and the Gulf Shores
are available on our new addition of Try My Place where expanded content and area drives provides so much more detail.
A new section on Natural Wonders of North America may group together some of our vast page content.

We have also been fortunate to go out of country to places like
Mexico, the Bahamas Out Islands and even PanamaNo: 1 in visits.

Our Baseball travels could be a remake of that old favorite song "I`ve Been Everywhere Man". Just think about the cities that host baseball teams and you will realize how wide our travels have been.

Starting in Toronto and Tampa and traveling all the way out to the Pacific Northwest , down the coastline in Oregon, California, or into the Rockies, or both rims of the Grand Canyon , or Utah with it`s tremendous National and State Park system, or panning for gold in the hills of Idaho, or gaming in Nevada, or being on the Riverwalk or in the Alamo in San Antonio Texas or going up the Arch in St. Louis Missouri. How about traveling or fishing in North-Western Ontario, or being in the upper peninsula of Michigan , or motoring along the Blue Ridge parkway in the Smokey Mountains or eating seafood in Boston, or in any other area that hosts a baseball team. Perhaps you would rather do wine tasting in the Finger Lakes , New York or in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario or out west in the 3 valleys, (Napa. Sonoma and Mendocino) near San Francisco, California.

If we have tweaked your interest, go to each of our web sites shown above and spend lots of fun filled time sharing Two Friends` Travels.
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Inukshut, this is a trail marker or beacon, to help guide you on your travels. Look for our friendly guide throughout the site for tips and direction On our maps we have provided a friend to guide you
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Larry & John, Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix
Recycled Teenagers

The areas & sights continue to decrease in where we have not visited, but certainly there are more. They just take longer to find, and baseball travels with BUDDY Larry are becoming less frequent, however excursions with my wife Kathy are always something that creates new horizons. As a reminder to yourself, especially when you may have an unique experience, please post on our blog.

We continue to use our own site, to determine where to go and even where to stay. In fact, that is why there are so many maps and accommodation links. There is nothing out there that gave us the ideas and made it easier to plan for our travels in the North American Hemisphere, so we continue to create our own web site.

Hope that it can help you, however the site really requires broadband for the many travel pictures and video clips, or if you just want to look at the blog with links then try the blog & send link to your friends

Not the usual COMMERCIAL site, just maybe you may wish to spend a few minutes with us.
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Suggestions/Comments; for those that did not click our quides:

Buy the yearly National Park Pass in the US if you are visiting more than 1 Park. A great value in the Western States.

Take along a laptop computer if you have one, as most locations now provide internet access, but no terminals.

Your participation in using our affiliate accommodation bookings is appreciated, but really if you leave a comment that would be
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